About Leisa With An E (Veleisa Patton)


I am Veleisa Patton. I’ve always been fascinated with storytelling, which is why I am a student of communication. My background is  in hospitality and tourism, where the human element of desire for new spaces and faces is front and center. I’ve marked to both customers and media (external) and employees and leadership (internal) through my work. I blog, I connect through social media , I love a strong brand story, I watch the digital space and how it’s changing business and mostly, I learn.

I will complete my Master’s degree in communication in the fall, and from there I plan on helping companies with the combination of real-world skills and theory-based knowledge. I’m one leg short of a triple threat – don’t ask me to sing. Some other tidbits:

  • I am fascinated by human nature, the ways we learn and the ways we communicate. No, I can’t be any more specific.
  • I love makeup but I always forget to wear it.
  • I have natural hair but it’s more from wanting to try something new than any kind of statement.  Yes, it is fluffy. No, you can’t touch it.
  • I hate the recession because it has curtailed my travel and I love culture and how it differs even from city to city.
  • My weakness is baked goods.
  • This is the best dog ever:

    my dog

    She’s full of love and confusion. She’s also secretly a mathematician and scientist.


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