New Year, New Goal – Branding and Branching Out

10 Feb

After a long period of indecisiveness and making excuses, I have finally made an investment in myself and my “brand” by launching There I will continue to post about random musings, what I’m reading and the like, with a larger dose of personal insight on marketing and public relations strategy and tactics. The goal of the new website is to get more information about my communication services (copy writing, branding, public relations) out into the world, rather than keep my ambitions inside my head.

If you happen to be in need of these kinds of services, leave a comment with your information or email me directly at Let’s schedule a consultation to speak about your needs and how I can help.

I’ll still cross-post on here, of course, but I’d love to see you all at Thank you for your reads, clicks, comments and support (all eight of you, including my mom and sister). If you have your own website or blog that you want me to visit, leave a link in the comments.

See you over at Veleisa Patton (the brand website)!


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